Miracle Escrow Solutions

Together with SES we are delivering easy to implement Software Escrow Agreements and industry leading validation services supplied as a complete managed service.

We will be offering a number of Escrow Agreements covering all of our Payroll and HR solutions.  Whether you are an end-user or partner, both parties can be protected under the Escrow Agreement, providing peace of mind that your investment is protected whether you are purchasing the software or reselling to customers.

We can provide two types of validation services, both of which are fully accredited.  The basic validation service ensures that the media supplied contains the correct software and that all attributes of the supplied software are correct and in line with what was expected by the Licensee.  Checks are carried out and a basic validation report is issued to all contracted parties.


The complete validation service is more comprehensive than the basic offering and includes a visit from an SES Consultant to Miracle as the software provider.  They will ensure that the source code on the media supplied is present and correct and that it can be built into the target application. In addition to these services, we can also offer an easy to use, full online and secure code depositing system. This system is also fully accredited.

To find out more detailed information and costs for these services, please download our factsheet or call us on 0845 634 5015.

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