Expense Management Solutions

Miracle offer various expense management solutions, our partnerships allow us to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses.

We are delighted to be partnering with Concur to provide our customers with an integrated travel and expense management solution.  The partnership will allow us to provide our customers with an adaptable cloud-based and mobile solution to help companies and their employees control costs and save time.  Concur's systems adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large.


The system will be fully integrated into our Payroll and HR solutions, helping to reduce costs, improve compliance and provide visibility into your employee spend.  Concur is a cloud-based service that updates and upgrades automatically.  On the web, on a smartphone or tablet, the solution will provide you with a complete suite of tools for you and your employees.  Creating expense reports will become a simpler, paperless process that can be done on the go from anywhere, perfect for your busy employees.

If you want to create a quick, paperless process for your employees plus all the following benefits, please contact our sales department for further information.

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Miracle work with MyExpensesOnline to provide a popular web-based expense management system designed to streamline the expense process whilst reducing costs.

With MyExpensesOnline, employees can process their expenses quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world, through a smart phone, laptop or PC with only an internet connection needed.  Receipts are stored electronically and employees can simply scan or take a photo of their receipts and upload it from their mobile device, PC or laptop. The integration with Miracle is simple and easy to use; import files are accepted into the system and the payroll is automatically updated.


The expense management system saves time and money and helps organisations to gain greater control over expense spending and cash flow. The expense process is simplified, paperwork is reduced and processing costs are lowered. The system has built-in validation to ensure all claims are accurate and reported in-line with the latest HMRC legislative requirements. P11D documents are produced for each employee and sent electronically to HMRC.


Fraudulent claims can be more easily detected with MyExpensesOnline, making it harder for duplicate claims to be made and over-inflated data to be submitted.


  • Standard reporting and views – Reports can be easily created to summarise data and can be filtered through a number of areas such as date, claimant, authoriser, cost centre etc.
  • ReportManager – An advanced reporting tool that works with Excel
  • CarbonCalc – Provides an instant report on the carbon emissions produced by an individual, department or organisation as a whole
  • Duty of Care – Helps to meet an organisations Duty of Care requirements
  • Self Registration – A unique self-registration feature that allows staff to login and create a basic profile




  • Accounts – Expenses can be claimed in a number of different accounts such as a standard expense account, cash advance, petty cash or credit card. Expenses can also be claimed in multiple currencies
  • Cash advances – Requests can be sent through for authorisation, once they are approved the amount will show in the Cash Advance account
  • Petty cash – Enables organisations to accurately monitor transactions and electronically attach receipts as well as controlling spending and identifying any inconsistencies
  • Credit card integration – Integrates with all major credit and debit card providers to ensure the easy import of statements for reconciliation
  • Documents and messages – Allows the publishing of company documents such as expense policies
  • Route calculation and mileage allowance payments – Ensures mileage entries are correct by using accurate postcode information
  • Receipt validation service – MyExpensesOnline provide a service where pre-printed envelopes are issued and sent to their validation team who will scan and attach receipts into the system

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