Payroll Fraud Audit

With fraud on the increase, can your business afford not to scrutinize your processes?

When the university of Leicester conducted research in 2003, it found that 70% of 2000 people questioned admitted that they would commit fraud if they could get away with it.  Of course this is a delicate subject, however it is far more prevalent than people realise. Around nine years have passed since this research was published and in that time we have experienced one of the worst recessions this century, making fraud all the more tempting.

When PFK Accountants and the University of Portsmouth recently conducted research into this area they found that fraud rates had increased by a third during the recession.  While the majority of people have no inclination to get involved in high-level fraud, there is one type of fraud which is easy to fall into and which many people will take part in guilt-free: payroll fraud. We have written a brochure on payroll fraud covering financial gain, the extent of the problem, how to detect payroll fraud and prevention and control.

We’re flexible, we can work in a classic bureau environment or alternatively for our current MiraclePay customers we can access and run the payroll remotely.
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How can Miracle help?

Standard Fraud Audit

Miracle can provide a detailed Payroll Fraud Investigation Service which can include one or more of the following:

Detailed review of payroll data

Review of business processes

Regular audit checks

Random audit checks

We are happy to provide a service to meet your unique requirements.

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