Interested in a more recent version of NAV?

MiraclePay is available for NAV2013 right through to Microsoft Business Central.

When NAV2013 was initially released it had a completely new client interface which was initially named the Role Tailored Client (RTC) and is now known as the Windows Client.

In the classic versions of NAV (we will refer to our product as MiraclePay Classic), the experience was common to all users, each user had the same screens (if they had permissions to use it). In the NAV 2013 environment the client interface is tailored so that can users can only see information pertinent to their role and day-to-day activities.  It also requires a SQL datatabase.


Since this major release, Microsoft have also released NAV2015, NAV2016 and now NAV2017. So at Miracle we’ve been working hard to ensure our systems are compatible with each version.  If you have any queries on NAV versions, you can follow the link below which provides a feature comparison tool or contact our sales team on



In broad terms, Miracle have simply migrated the functionality in the classic version of MiraclePay all the way through to Microsoft Business Central.


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