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Holiday Pay and Entitlement Reforms

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) has released new guidelines outlining modifications to the Working Time Regulations, effective from January 1, 2024. These changes, introduced by the government, aim to streamline holiday entitlement and pay calculations. The alterations include:…

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How secure is your payroll system?

15,000 South Lanarkshire Council workers’ personal details and their income were accidentally posted online, extracted from their payroll system, in April of 2023, according to the BBC NEWS report.   The data leak involved details such as names, places of employment,…

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Five reasons to bring your payroll in house

Recently we’ve seen a growing number of companies move from fully outsourced payroll services to an in-house process. It is clear the mindset for outsourced payroll is changing, in favour of an in-house solution. So, why are businesses making this…

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Making Your P11D Process Easier

P11D forms are a way of reporting expenses payments made by employers to employees which must be submitted every year. A P11D form is used to report anything you, or your employees, receive from your work to HMRC that isn’t…

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