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Our consultancy services

Our consultants work closely with customers to ensure their new Payroll or HR solution offers the maximum benefits.

Our team of experts will support you through every stage of your installation and we provide a full range of consultancy services. Our consultants have experience in both Payroll and HR processes will offer invaluable benefits. Our consultancy services are not just for new customers, our existing customers can also benefit from our consultancy service when considering new improvements, processes and functionality.

By fully utilising the Miracle solution to its full potential, we can really help users meet today’s challenging and demanding tasks. Our years of experience have given us a real understanding of Payroll and HR processes and we are able to help our customers make more informed decisions. We’re not just product experts – we listen carefully to each customer to ensure we understand their individual needs in order to provide clear and invaluable advice.

I was really impressed with your staff that came to implement and train on the P11D software. From a payroll customer perspective it is really good to have someone who has an extensive working knowledge of the product….the software is also great and will save me eons of time.

Gill Poulson, Phonak Group Ltd.

A list of our consultancy services

Advice and guidance

Systems Setup & Systems Audit

Project Management

Best practice reviews

Performance improvement

Technical reviews

Review & Refresh..

When you’ve been running a solution for a few years or more, it’s easy to coast along and simply use the minimum amount of functionality. To ensure you gain the maximum potential from your system, it’s vital for you to review your current position. We are offering a new service ‘Review and Refresh’. This service will review the status of your Miracle system to determine if it is working as efficiently as possible for you.

We have seen so much change in the Payroll and HR worlds over the last few years and the introduction of major legislation namely:

  • AWR – Agency Worker Regulations
  • RTI – Real Time Information
  • AE Pension
  • Shared Parental Leave
  • Average Holiday Pay
  • MTD – Making Tax Digital
  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  • Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act
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